Testimonials from students in the Master of Education Program

This M.Ed. program is cutting edge and innovative. It is based on experiential learning and collaboration: the faculty live and breathe collaboration, exemplifying it through their teaching. We have learned the fundamental learning theories, how to perform research in teaching and learning, how teaching is a political act, and through our learning, we are empowered to be agents of change in our contexts. Not only have I learned how to better help my students in my own classroom, but I have learned how to broaden my scope to help students around the world.

This M.Ed program is top notch! Our cohort consists of teachers/principals/District Officers/SGU faculty, all of whom are very passionate about education in Grenada, we like to call ourselves “The Agents of Change”. I am most impressed with the overall layout of the two-year program. It is truly a well thought out and a collaborative effort from all the faculty to make this program flow so well. The faculty are always available as support for course work but also as advisors on day-to-day educational issues that arise at any of our workplaces. The layers of knowledge that we are building upon every term are relatable and applicable on an International level. The projects and research ideas are purposeful and very transferable to all the students. I highly recommend this M.Ed. to anyone who is interested in evolving as an educator.

This master’s degree has truly opened my eyes to the potential that every student has locked up within them. As a Grenadian, I grew up hearing the words ‘bright’ and ‘dunce’, and I unwittingly transferred this into my role as an educator. However, this degree has helped my to be mindful about decolonizing my classroom and promoting 100% student learning.

My game as an educator, as a leader, as a researcher has greatly improved to the point that my colleagues, friends and family are acknowledging the changes.

Testimonials from the colleagues of our students

My colleague has always been passionate about reforming our education system but the plan of action to facilitate the reform is now more visible. Discussions of her observations, class discussions and course material are often core points of numerous office conversations and planning.

I think this program has improved and refined the way my colleague does her work/sessions. With the insight she has gained, I see that the way she thinks and the way she structures her sessions has changed. She usually has good ideas and is a good source of knowledge on impactful activities to utilize, but I think this has improved even more since starting this program. She shared some of the the theories with me, and I think she connected with one particular theory, because I believe it really resonated with her core beliefs as an educator.

My colleague has become highly organized and focused since starting this program.

I think this program has made my colleague a more thoughtful educator and thus more impactful. I think that her students have benefited a lot from the experience she is gaining. Students success benefits the school and reflects well on the department.

The level of consciousness amongst the management team has risen since my colleague started this program, specifically as it relates to persons living with disabilities in the education system. My colleague constantly advocates for this target population but her focus is more specific and based on more targeted interventions. The benefits of the M.Ed. are reflected in our planning and interaction with colleagues throughout the Public Service sector.

My colleague’s involvement in the M.Ed. has enhanced her reflective/reflexive areas of development. She values the need for introspection and the understanding and appreciation of diversity. For this colleague collecting new experiences is just half the equation; she is aware of the need to also make sense of this valued information that will most likely open up new possibilities.