Success with UpCounsel


BauBax is the ultimate travel jacket. With features like gloves and a pen built in, this jacket is truly a traveler's best friend.
Menlo Venture's Series A investment would have have cost $25K at one of their big law firms. At UpCounsel, the same project cost $8.8K. A savings of $16K.
UpCounsel Enterprise handles 80% of Pillow’s legal needs while its law firm gets 20% of legal projects. Pillow has cut 60% from its legal budget.
Stanfy's CFO had been attempting to cover Stanfy’s legal needs as inexpensively as possible, but as Stanfy scaled, the company's legal needs became more complex.
HotelTonight makes it incredibly easy to find and book great deals at great hotels, from last-minute special deals up to a week in advance.
Astral's high-stakes legal needs involve atomic materials and international boundaries. They needed a responsive, experienced attorney to help with their Series A.
Built on Salesforce, FinancialForce equips customer-centric businesses with a unified cloud platform and all the applications necessary to improve the customer’s journey.’s COO says, "I would be surprised to meet an executive who wasn’t using UpCounsel to meet their legal needs."
With their flagship Aivvy Q headphones, Aivvy combines exquisitely designed devices with intelligent, intuitive data analysis.
Soldsie is the world's first social shopping service. They help modern retailers grow their bottom line using Facebook and Instagram.
Signatures Capital is a premier investment firm which invests in some of technology’s most innovative companies, such as: Uber, Dropbox, etc.
Singularity is a benefit corporation that provides educational programs, innovative partnerships and a startup accelerator to help companies understand cutting-edge technologies.
Charming Charlie is a fashion retailer with over 2,000 employees that sells women's apparel and accessories.