Easy Team Collaboration

Message Management
Keep your communications organized. Send, receive, and manage messaging with your entire legal team, on any job, all within UpCounsel.
Send and Receive From Your Inbox
Use your existing email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) to send and receive any message, so you can handle communication with your legal team on the go.
Time-tracked Phone Calls
Stop worrying about how long your lawyer calls take with time tracked calls. Gain transparency into how long each call with your lawyers took.
Free Document Storage & E-signature
Store and manage an unlimited number of documents. Keep your documents organized and always accessible for your team.
View, Share, and Sign
Quickly view and share documents on the go without the hassles of downloading. Prepare and execute e-signature in only a few clicks.
Document Version Tracking
Track versions of any document as it is updated by you and your lawyers. View and revert to any version at any time.
Time Tracking
See what your lawyers are billing you line item by line item at every stage of an engagement. No more surprises. No more jaw dropping invoices.
Invoicing & Spending Management
Receive, review, pay, and manage your invoices with ease. Keep track of your invoices and spend in one place so you know exactly what you are spending.
Flexible Payment Options
Pay with credit, debit, or ACH. For larger companies, simply connect UpCounsel with your accounts payable team but maintain complete spending oversight.


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